I have four years of undergraduate teaching experience. As a politics instructor, I want to inspire my students to investigate the political forces that drive current and historical policy decisions. Understanding the causes of political phenomena, especially the big questions regarding democracy, capitalism, and environmental sustainability, is why I am drawn to our discipline. I wish to pass on this passion to my students.

Teaching interests

I am eager to teach undergraduate and graduate courses in the following areas:

  • Politics of climate, energy, and environmental policy (especially in comparative perspective)
  • Comparative capitalism and the environment
  • Public policy and public administration (especially in comparative perspective)
  • Comparative political economy of high-income democracies (especially welfare states, inequality, varieties of capitalism, institutions and electoral politics)

Teaching experience

The Politics of Economic Policy (GV227), LSE, 2015-16

This second-year undergraduate course examines political explanations for changes in macroeconomic, financial and regulatory policy in the high-income democracies since the early 1980s. We pay particular attention to the role of ideas, interests and institutions.

I taught one one-hour class per week for around 10 students for the full academic year. I developed my own teaching materials. In my evaluations I received a score of 1.3, which is higher than the average for the Department of Government (1 is “very good”; 5 is “very poor”).

Capitalism, Democracy and Equality: The Political Economy of the Advanced Nations (IR102), LSE, 2015-18

This introductory undergraduate course presented students with the complex and conflictual relationship between capitalism and democracy. Particular attention is paid to how politics and institutions shapes cross-national variation in income inequality.

For four consecutive years, I taught two 1.5 hour classes per day for three weeks during Summer School. I had around 20 students per class. I developed my own teaching materials. I consistently received evaluation scores higher than the average for the Government Department and the School as a whole.